Adapting the Single Leg Takedown For BJJ With Andre Galvao

Andre Galvao doesn’t want to see your knees on the floor. He also doesn’t want his numerous Atos competitors getting guillotined or sprawled on when shooting their takedowns, so he’s changed the way he executes and teaches the single leg.

Here, Galvao and host Bernardo Faria go over the single leg adaptations he prefers for BJJ, starting with a stiff armed push on your opponent’s shoulder to create space to grab their leg while you’re still standing. Keeping an upright posture once you isolate the leg is key, Galvao demonstrates, since you can’t get guillotined if you haven’t handed your neck to your opponent by hinging over at the hips. Cutting a slight angle and pressuring down on their leg with your bicep while pivoting completes the move.

Watch and see:


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