Advanced BJJ Tactic: Trapping The Arm

The Jiu-Jitsu Times has a special holiday BJJ tutorial for you today.

If you study enough BJJ footage of top guys, you will start to connect certain advanced concepts that appear again and again.

One such key concept is using your legs to trap and incapacitate one of your opponent’s arms and then choke him.

I refer to this jokingly as “not fighting fair”. That is to say, you use your legs to neutralize one of your opponent’s arms so it is no longer your two arms against his two arms. Instead, it’s two of your arms against only one of his.

Trapping one arm to make a choke easier is used in a number of key offensive positions in BJJ and we have several great videos to teach you how to get into this concept and use it.

North South Choke by Marcelo Garcia

Later in the video, look how the great Marcelo Garcia uses his legs to nullify the defensive arm and open the neck for the choke. Brilliant entry!

This might be the easiest way to see how this concept is applied:

Crucifix From The Turtle 1

Crucifix From The Turtle 2

Back Attack Answers 8: Arm Traps and Crucifixes from the Back

More and more we see BJJ fighters first trap one arm (to overcome the hand fighting) before attempting the rear naked choke.

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