Like Omoplatas? Like Berimbolos? This Cool Technique From Andris Brunovskis Combines Them

Even though many of us prefer simple techniques in BJJ, it’s also fun to learn some fancier stuff every now and again. This combination technique by Atos black belt Andris Brunovskis falls somewhere in between, and if you’re comfortable with both berimbolos and omoplatas, it might be a good one to add to your repertoire.

Brunovskis, who recently defeated John Combs at Fight to Win Pro 22, demonstrates the technique with Jake Propst of Consecution BJJ in Ohio, and from the get-go, he makes it very clear how control of both your body and your opponent’s body is crucial to make this move work for you. Give it a shot, practice practice practice, and see if you can pull it off against an unsuspecting opponent!


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