BJJ Black Belt, Gym Owner, & Ph.D. Holder Warns Against Private Lessons During Outbreak

Image Source: Gillian Davis via Facebook

Many BJJ academies have closed during the coronavirus outbreak, either by choice or by government mandate. Still, despite the closures, some jiu-jitsu students and coaches are still getting together to roll either one-on-one or in small groups, either ignoring expert recommendations or hoping to reduce their risk of infection while still getting their jiu-jitsu fix in.

BJJ black belt Gillian Davis has now spoken out to warn jiu-jitsu practitioners of the danger of these training “loopholes,” and we would do well to listen to her. Davis holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, and being an academy co-owner herself (along with her husband, Garry Davis), she understands how tough it is to close a gym’s doors for the good of public health. Still, she cautions against training with anyone you don’t live with, even if it’s just one person.

Hey if you're getting together to roll or train or give privates to people who don't already live in your house, you're…

Posted by Gillian Davis on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Hey if you’re getting together to roll or train or give privates to people who don’t already live in your house, you’re doing this social distancing thing wrong.

Hey school owners if you’re getting together with your coaches/students who do not live in your house to hold live classes or film techniques now, you’re also doing this social distancing thing wrong.

The whole idea is to disconnect your family unit from other family units. That means stop all socializing closer than 6 feet with people who do not live in your house.

Get on board folks because all that we do wrong now will only make this last longer.

This, of course, doesn’t apply to individuals who already have a willing training partner at home, such as a roommate, family member, or significant other.

Davis also added that even with her degree and knowledge, she still follows the advice of “people who are actively researching in the field.” She also recommended the video below for people who want to learn more about the virus, saying that although the video is from March 17, the included data are still accurate.


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