Breakdown Of Two Cops Vs. One Large Guy At Airport Incident

Recently a man grew aggressive with two officers at an airport after being told not to smoke in the corridor. The man took a swing at one of the cops and began a tussle, being tripped up and apprehended by both individuals. As he was reaching for an officers gun, civilians intervened and prevented the worst from happening.

Although this situation did not take a turn for the worse, it provides a critical learning moment for civilians and law enforcement alike. In this video, the Gracie Brothers break down the incident at their recent Survival Tactics seminar for law enforcement. Key points to mention are that officers that get into a physical altercation are immensely thankful when civilians enter the fray to provide them a helping hand. Another point made is that an underhook is a tremendous weapon retention tool because it takes a perpetrators arm further away from the hip line, thus distancing it from having an opportunity to snatch a weapon from the officers utility belt.

They speak about the current gap between what police departments deem as acceptable force and the public’s perception on what is acceptable. There is undoubtedly a divide in society today as far as how officers’ actions are perceived in the line of duty, a point to be made is that the more progressive police departments are and the more educated police officers become in hand-to-hand combat, the less force is necessary to subdue a suspect. Anybody with information about the cops in this incident are encouraged to get in contact with them to reach out to Rener for free Survival Tactics Training.


If you are an active duty law enforcement official or military personnel, you can find more information on Gracie Survival Tactics seminars here.

WARNING: Chicago Police Shooting (Gracie Breakdown)

A man was shot twice in an altercation with two police officers in a Chicago subway station. Although the man is expected to survive, the FBI is reviewing the incident for possible criminal charges against the officers involved. Rener takes you through the incident and then shares his thoughts on exactly how and why things escalated so quickly. Chicago Police Department, in the wake of this unfortunate incident, we'd like two of the head instructors from your department to attend any GST Instructor Course scheduled for this year, 2020. Please review the course schedule at and when you've made your selection, email we'll take it from there. Police Chiefs across the United States, Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) is specifically designed to increase officer survivability and control tactics, while minimizing the level of force used in each encounter. GST is a 5-day train-the-trainer course and is conducted almost every week of the year at police departments across the country. To learn more about bringing GST to your department, visit The training you do, or don't, provide your officers, will affect the rest of their lives and we're here to help.

Posted by Gracie Breakdown on Saturday, February 29, 2020

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