Bystander Calmly Controls Suspect After Arrest Attempt Goes Wrong For Police Officer

The importance of hand-to-hand combat training for law enforcement officers can’t be understated. We’ve seen countless situations where a police officer’s training in grappling (or lack thereof) completely changed the outcome of a situation, and in a viral video that’s been making the rounds, it could’ve made all the difference for one cop.

Details on this situation are sparse, but the clip shows an officer going to check out a situation and then deciding to make an arrest. The situation is already tense, with the cop having to manage the situation with both the suspect and bystanders who are upset with the suspect. As the officer goes to make the arrest, he inadvertently pulls the suspect on top of him, resulting in him getting beaten up by the suspect.

The bystanders’ quick action ultimately saves the officer from serious injury or worse. They jump onto the suspect and begin beating him up. However, one member of the group avoids striking the suspect and instead focuses on controlling him, bringing him to the ground and dropping his weight on him to control him without injuring him further. He tries to calm the situation down, and as the officers make their way over, he’s able to get the suspect’s wrist behind his back while controlling him with knee pressure.

Gracie University has since put out a post offering for the officer in the video to come train with them for free.

Watch the video from Mr. Jiu-Jitsu below, but be advised that it is violent and some viewers may find the footage disturbing:

-Warning extremely graphic-It blows my mind how when it’s your job to detain and control another humans body you’re not training the grappling martial arts. This officer was lucky these citizens decided to help him or he was in a world of hurt!

Posted by Mr Jiu-Jitsu on Thursday, April 4, 2019


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