Chael Sonnen – “Jose Aldo Is Not Going To Fight UFC 194”

Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo are slated to unify the UFC Featherweight title in December. At UFC 194, the two fighters will compete in a highly anticipated match. A strong co-main event has UFC 194 looking like one of the promotion’s biggest events ever. Chael Sonnen’s Brazilian source unsure Jose Aldo will fight at UFC 194, though.

Of course, that would be terrible news if Aldo decided to walk. It would only prove McGregor’s previous comments on Aldo. McGregor has called Aldo scared, unfocused, and already defeated. If Jose backs out of the fight, then everyone not named Connor McGregor would lose from the UFC to the fans. Sonnen’s Source

“People from Brazil.. they are not confident that Jose’s gonna make the walk. I want that fight to happen, I really do, and I don’t wanna start a rumour here…but that’s what I heard.”


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