The Most Common Jiu-Jitsu Guards

Common Jiu-Jitsu Guards (Part 2)

This will be the second part for an earlier article on the top most common guards that are used in Jiu-Jitsu.  So, if you have not read that article, I suggest you go look for it and give it a read because if a common guard was not talked about here, it may be in the previous article. However if you do not have the time then I will just list the previously talked about guards here. The guards I talked about in the last article are Closed, Half, Spider, Lasso and Butterfly. Now onto the next 5 commonly played guard in Jiu-Jitsu

De-La-Riva – Surly if you read the article before you knew this one was coming. DLR involves threading one leg through the back and in-between your opponents’ legs. The DLR guard is mostly used for sweeps and back takes, but there are possible submissions in certain cases. Some variants of this move include Reverse DLR and De-La – X.



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