Could Jiu-Jitsu Have Helped This Cop Who Was Beaten By A Motorcyclist?

Many cops and self-defense experts have spoken up about the benefits that jiu-jitsu can offer law enforcement, and a video that surfaced this week raises the question of how much even basic jiu-jitsu classes could help police officers stay safe while dealing with aggressive suspects.

In this situation, which took place in the UK and was reported by the Liverpool Echo, the officer had pulled over a motorcyclist for riding without a valid MOT (which is essentially the UK’s version of a vehicle inspection). The motorcyclist then became aggressive and started beating the officer, ending up in his “guard.” It takes multiple bystanders to pull the motorcyclist off the cop, who by that point had already been hit multiple times (but managed to avoid serious injury).

While every situation is different and no one knows how they’ll react to an attack like this until they’re forced into it, the video does beg the question of how things might have been different if the cop had executed a sweep or other maneuver to dominate his attacker. Do you think jiu-jitsu could’ve helped this officer turn the tables in this fight? Take a look for yourself and tell us what you think.


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