Countering the Underhooks: the No Gi Uchi Mata

Getting the underhooks is one of the best ways to set up a takedown. We’ve seen it in a number of competitions, and the underhooks are a familiar staple of wrestlers everywhere.

Today, the guys at Big Guy BJJ have provided us with an excellent counter to the underhooks; the uchi mata. Usually, the uchi mata requires grips on a lapel and a sleeve in order to successfully execute the move. However, we will see below why it can also be done without.


  1. This guy is too bad. I’ve seen a lot of videos in this page from the same guy, is a blue belt, i’m blue belt ass well 4 degress and I can see some mistakes in this techniques. So if the people that are brwon or black belt in this page see it, probably now are smiling, Because i think that a blue belt can’t do classes for advance level. What do you think? Sorry if i did some mistakes in This writing, i’m from spain


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