The Creative Innovations Of Keenan Cornelius

Any BJJ’er who follows the competition scene knows the name “Keenan Cornelius,” who is near the top of the medals podium at any professional event he enters.

But even more notable than his medal count is the innovations that the creative Cornelius has brought to the BJJ world. Lapel and worm guard were largely unknown until Keenan introduced the terms and successfully used them in World level competition.

Training at the world famous Atos academy, Cornelius tests and develops these positions in a crucible of great jiu-jitsu athletes and minds.

Check out some of the creative positions Keenan has become famous for:

A New Guard Emerges – Krab Guard

Lapel Guard Introductory

Mantis Guard Explained

Worm guard system

Worm Hat Choke

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