Can You Pull Off This De La Riva To No-Gi Ezekiel Choke From The Back?

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There is some serious flow and technique required in this De La Riva to no-gi Ezekiel choke. It involves starting in the De La Riva, lacing your legs through, spinning to the back, then ending up in the the Ezekiel Choke.

This is definitely a move most beginners will want to avoid for now.

check out the video below:

De La Riva to X-Guard to Inside Leg Lace to No-Gi Ezekiel Choke from the Leg Drag#SpaghettibjjScramble BrandLahden GentaiEBN AreenaVivobarefoot SuomiNipponsport.fiEmfit QSKiropraktiikkakeskus Innate OyUrheiluhieroja Petteri Haukka

Posted by Tommi Pulkkanen on Wednesday, March 21, 2018


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