Don’t Forget About The Guard Passing Opportunities From Leg Entanglements

Most leglockers¬†get excited over all the ligament-popping and foot-breaking potential of leg entanglements, but if you prefer passing your opponent’s legs to snapping them, you can still achieve your goal when your limbs are all twisted up.

In this video, Josh Leduc demonstrates how a leg entanglement can be used to pass the guard. Not only is this great for newbie leg lock enthusiasts, but it also opens up a whole bunch of opportunities instead of just limiting you to the lower body. Give it a shot!

It's important to understand that some leg entanglements also lead to guard passing opportunities. If you aren't well versed in your breaking mechanics, it's a good idea to be able to pass the guard to a more dominant position. @leg_locker@noginationwear#LegLocksDoWork #LegLocksAndMixedTapes #LegLocker #GuardPass #BJJ #SubOnly

Posted by Josh "Star-Lord" Leduc on Wednesday, October 10, 2018


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