Drill This Sequence To Turn A Sloppy Butterfly Guard Lethal

Butterfly guard can trap a top assassin, set up spectacular sweeps, or make you feel like a superhero in a Marvel fight scene, but only if the technique is crispy. Teknica BJJ in Florida knows this, and put together a full drilling sequence so you and a training partner can master it.

Drill One is a warmup to help “activate your hooks” while setting up the position. (It’s also the only way adults can play “airplane” without being sent to therapy, so enjoy.) Drill Two teaches how to get control of the opponent’s upper body. Drill Three reviews the technical standup and drive that transitions your opponent to the ground. Drill Four addresses the counter with double overhooks. Drill Five is a variation on the sweep with sneaky direction change, and Drill Six goes over a guillotine counter.

Check it out:


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