Eddie Cummings’ Mount To Ashi Garami On Garry Tonon At EBI 3

Who can forget Eddie Cummings’ match against Garry Tonon at EBI 3? It was two of the greatest grapplers — both of whom train under John Danaher — going at it at one of the greatest grappling tournaments out there.

At one point, Eddie Cummings pulled off an amazing mount to ashi garami.

You can check out the full video below. Cummings pulls off the mount to ashi at about 25 seconds in, directly after the back take.


How did he do it?

Again, we’re thankful for instructors like Kent Peters from ZombieProofBJJ who are willing to break down all of the fine points into simple, bite-sized pieces that even struggling blue belts like myself can understand.

In the two-minute video below, Kent breaks Eddie’s move down for us.

Check it out!


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