Escape From Knee On Belly: 3 Videos

Is there a more brutal position to be caught in than a heavy knee on the belly!?

Your opponent has passed your guard but you set your defence and keep your arms in tight.

Boom! Your opponent quickly hops up and places that knee both strategically and painfully right on your sternum. You can’t stick around and wait it out!

How do you escape?

Here are three different escapes.

Kurt Osiander’s Move of the Week – Knee On Belly Escape

Kurt Osiander shows us a sneaky grip under the leg to tip the opponent’s balance back towards his weak corner.

Knee on belly escape: Stiff arm to ankle pick sweep

Draculino shows how to get the weight off of you and reverse the position to come to the top.

Knee on Belly Escape

Justin Christopher from Relson Gracie Cincinnati teaches us how he reverses his opponent to the opposite direction of the Osiander escape.

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