Evolve Your RNC Like Lachlan Giles For a Higher Finishing Rate

Lachlan Giles claims his finishing rate on his RNC needed improving. (Considering what a lethal grappler Giles is that’s a little hard to picture, but we trust the man to know his own game.)

To improve that submission rate, Giles dove deeper into the ever-evolving RNC, then put together this excellent tutorial to share what he learned.

Giles explains that he’s stopped the more rudimentary technique of grabbing his bicep or “swimming” his hand behind the head as the start of the submission, and is instead focusing on locking his opponent’s head into place before using a closed fist to block choke defense. With his closed fist then punched into place behind the opponent’s neck, Giles folds his free elbow over the choking arm and locks in the position from there.

Visual aids help, but the result is a tighter, more devastating choke that’s harder to escape. Give it a look:


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