Exhibition of BJJ Techniques In Four Minutes

The Jiu-jitsu Times‘ very own author Mark Mullen recently did an exhibition for students at RMIT University in Saigon, Vietnam.

The majority of students observing had no idea what BJJ was, as (along with MMA) it is still  new in Vietnam. The the purpose of the exhibition was to show students what Brazilian jiu-jitsu is.

Each technique was performed twice and slowly so that inexperienced eyes could understand what was going on.

1) Osoto-gari > Knee on Belly > 180 degree Armlock

2) Double Underhooks trip > Go to mount and strike > Opponent gives the back > Rear Naked Choke (This sequence is right out of the old Gracie’s In Action!)

3) Right hand “haymaker” punch to clinch > Harai-goshi hip throw > Opponent puts you in 1/2 guard > back step to knee bar

4) Catch the kick > Ouchi-gari takedown > Ankle Lock submission

5) Double leg takedown > Mount > Opponent Upa bridges you over > Triangle choke form guard

6) Rolling headlock escape > Mount and free the grip > Arm Lock submission

Share with your non-BJJ friends to give them an idea of what this crazy BJJ thing is that you keep talking about.


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