Ffion Davies Passing Instructional Being Offered For Just $15

Image Source: Zenith BJJ Adelaide

If there’s been an upside to all the forced time away from the gym we’ve had over the past few months, it’s the fact that so many high-quality instructionals have been offered for free or at a huge discount to help grapplers who are stuck at home missing the gym. Elite grapplers such as Keith Krikorian and Craig Jones have already offered their knowledge at little to no cost, and now, you can also learn how to pass guard like Ffion Davies on the cheap.

Davies’ Power Passing video is currently being offered on Fighters Market for a whopping 50 percent off. The instructional was already pretty affordable, but now at $15 USD, it’s pretty much a steal. 

The video’s description reveals that viewers will see some of the big techniques that Davies has become known for in her journey to the top of the BJJ food chain:

“Learn the core principles of using the knee cut to pass the half guard and knee shield position. Understand how to pass the half guard and knee shield, while putting yourself in position to submit your opponent.”

If you’ve been hoping to attend a seminar from Davies, but will now have to wait a bit longer because of the pandemic, this is a great alternative, and best of all, you can come back to the gym prepared with a passing game that will tear through your teammates’ guards. 

You can get the instructional for yourself here.


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