Firas Zahabi Is Here To Help You With Your Leg Lock And Passing Game

If you don’t know who Firas Zahabi is, then you’re either new to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or you’ve been living under a rock while practicing.

Zahabi is one of the top BJJ coaches in the world, serving at as the grappling coach at the world famous Tristar Academy.

However, even if you don’t train BJJ, you may have seen Firas in the corner of one of MMA’s biggest stars, former UFC Welterweight and Middleweight Champion Georges “Rush” St-Pierre.

In this video, Firas Zahabi narrates a roll he’s having with a student, explaining his movement to help viewers understand them better.  The topic Zahabi focuses is the leg lock and pass.

If you’re looking to improve your game (of course you are!) then this is definitely a video you want to check out.


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