The Fireman’s Carry Compilation

Takedowns are sadly uncommon in jiu-jitsu, and one of the least common takedowns you see is the fireman’s carry.

For those who aren’t familiar with the fireman’s carry, it involves dropping to your knees, putting your opponent on your shoulders, and throwing your opponent onto his or her back.

In this video compilation, Marcelo Garcia purple belt Dave Bravo demonstrates the uncommon takedown.  Bravo was a Division 1 wrestler at Hofstra (where former UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman trained) and he is a high-ranking purple belt in the IBJJF Masters division.

Is the fireman’s carry part of your jiu-jitsu arsenal?


  1. A wrestler taking down adversaries that look as though they have never trained in wrestling before is not at all impressive.


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