Fix Your Bad Wrestling & Start Shooting The RIGHT Way

Have you ever learned a technique in jiu-jitsu the “wrong” way, but failed to realize it until years later? A lot of us learn the very basics of a technique when we’re just starting out and keep using it with missing or flawed details. This is particularly true for BJJ practitioners who have never taken a wrestling class and “learn” takedowns by just doing their best based on what they’ve seen their teammates or professional athletes doing. The intentions may be good, but the results… not so much.

Invisible Jiu-Jitsu‘s David Morcegao has been there, and now, he’s going to help everyone else refine their wrestling based on what he’s learned over time. In this clip, he reexamines the traditional wrestling shot, fixing what he did wrong at first and demonstrating how to do it right. Take a look!


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