The Four Best Escapes From Mount

If you can’t escape from mount, you are in big trouble! If your opponent knows how to control the position, you are vulnerable to armlocks, chokes, back takes and – in MMA or a street fight – being punched!

This week, the Jiu-Jitsu Times takes you through the four most important escapes to deal with most mount situations.

Bridging Or “Upa” Mount Escape

This is the first and most important mount escape you should learn. The “Rickson Gracie Mount Escape” demonstrates the principle details of how to bridge escape from under the mount.

The Knee To Elbow Escape

What if your bridge escape fails? Instantly go to the knee to elbow escape. With some drilling, you can execute it lightning fast and recover your guard.

Variation On Elbow To Knee Escape

This variation by Relson Gracie shows how to hook and capture the foot to recover half guard.

Pushing On The Hips

Black belt instructor Kris Kim calls this the “Hyrdaulic Escape”. It works effectively in gi or no-gi.

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