Garry Tonon-Dillon Danis Staredown Pics

Facebook/John Danaher. Photo by Richard Presley

Garry Tonon and Dillon Danis are all set for their main event bout tomorrow at Polaris 5, live on UFC Fight Pass.

No doubt intending to mock his opponent — who has not only insulted him but all of Renzo Gracie’s academy — Garry Tonon showed up at the staredown sporting a pair of dollar sign glasses.

According to Tonon’s coach, John Danaher:

All athletes weighed in today for Polaris 5 in London. Garry Tonon faces the very talented Dillon Danis. Originally the bout was set for 170 pounds, then modified to 180 pounds as Mr Danis is competing in a higher weight category in the upcoming ADCC world championships. Today he weighed in at 184 so he will have a good size advantage. Mr Danis has greatly improved his wrestling and leg locks since the two last met – both factors that will make this a very tough rematch. Jake Shields goes up against British strong man and jiu jitsu stand out Daniel Strauss, who must be among the strongest men in the game. Apprentice Oliver Taza will battle against local stand out Ross Nicholls. Last night of training tonight – nothing too intense – as the athletes go into final phases of preparation for the big show in O2 arena here in London. This marks the first time that Polaris will be available on UFC fightpass – the same move that helped propel EBI into the spotlight of grappling world. Here hoping the exposure can take our sport to a new level of viewer participation. Happy to see rising stars like Mr Tonon and Mr Danis and established stars like Mr Shields along with Shaolin and Cael Uno creating a buzz and interest level that in time will pave the way for expansion of the sport overall.

The tension in between Garry and Dillon looks to thick that you can cut through it with a knife.

All weighed in: All athletes weighed in today for Polaris 5 in London. Garry Tonon faces the very talented Dillon Danis….

Posted by John Danaher on Friday, August 18, 2017

You can also check out the video here:

Things are heating up for the main event tomorrow!! Polaris Professional 5 at UFC Fight Pass

Posted by Jiu-Jitsu Times on Friday, August 18, 2017


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