Garry Tonon To FloGrappling: ‘I Have Lost A Ton Of Respect For You’

Photo by: Blanca Marisa Garcia

Danaher Death Squad member and three-division EBI champion Garry Tonon is not exactly thrilled with FloGrappling now.

Flo recently posted a video of an altercation between Dillon Danis and another DDS member, Gordon Ryan.

Early in the video, you can hear a voice apparently off in the distance saying, “Why don’t you just fight him then Dillon?”  According to the subtitles, it was Tonon, but the voice is coming from off camera, so there is no way of knowing who said it.

Later, during the actual altercation, what sounds like that same voice yells, “Don’t hold me back.”  Again, according to the subtitles, it is Garry Tonon.

You can watch the entire video below.

Dillon Danis nearly made his MMA debut against the Danaher Death Squad at ADCC Trials. Wolf tickets? Or legit beef?

Posted by FloGrappling on Monday, November 21, 2016

About four hours before this article was written, Garry took to Facebook to report that he had lost a ton of respect for FloGrappling.

What planet am I on where I sound like a 200 pound monster named Sha from Newark? Can someone tell me when exactly I was being held back from doing anything? I was sitting down on my cell phone the whole time. What were you guys smoking when you put this garbage out?

Responding to some people commenting on his post, Garry claims that not only was Flo within a 250-radius, but even if the weren’t, they had interviewed him before, and should not have made a mistake like that.

You can read Garry’s entire Facebook post below.

FloGrappling you guys have an interesting interpretation of the audio and what happened Saturday. I have lost a ton of…

Posted by Garry Lee Tonon on Monday, November 21, 2016


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