Geo Martinez Retains At EBI 10

A man walked out of the tenth Eddie Bravo Invitational with a belt around his waist, and he wasn’t from the Danaher Death Squad!

Geovanny Martinez, better known to fans as Geo “Freakazoid” Martinez, retained his bantamweight title at EBI 10.

It didn’t start out well for Martinez, who spent the overwhelming majority of regulation defending himself against DDS’s Eddie Cummings.

However, in the first half of overtime, Geo took the spider web and nailed an armbar at 3:30.  Cummings took the back, but was not able to hold Geo.


“Vive Mexico!!!” Geo yelled to the Mexican audience during his interview.  He then credited Cummings with being such a tough competitor.

You know, Eddie Cummings and the crew, they’re the best in the world when it comes to submission-only. I knew I had to survive it and hopefully take them into deep waters . . . someone so good as Eddie Cummings, it’s really hard to put them in a bad situation.

Likewise, a disappointed but respectful Eddie Cummings had nothing but good things to say about the bantamweight champion.

“That’s what you come here for,” Cummings told the interviewer. “Good competition. And that’s what that was.”

We here at the Jiu-Jitsu Times would like to congratulate Geo Martinez for his huge win over one of the deadliest competitors in professional grappling. Watch Full Replay At UFC Fight Pass





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