Grace Gundrum Defeats Danielle Kelly In Special Match At Jiu-Jitsu Overtime Event

The special match between 10th Planet’s Grace Gundrum and Silver Fox’s Danielle Kelly lived up to the hype that’s surrounded the match since its announcement, and though both competitors made a serious impression, it was Gundrum who came away with the win.

Kelly started the match by pulling guard and digging for a leg, but exposed her back in the process. However, she worked her way back to guard as Gundrum put her weight down to pass. Kelly came up and reversed the position, attempting to pass as Kelly defended. About halfway through regulation, Gundrum and Kelly ended up in a neutral position before getting Kelly in her half-guard. Gundrum came up and was able to pass Kelly’s guard, but Kelly was able to find space to escape and grab for legs as Gundrum inverted and managed to protect herself. The competitors worked themselves into a leg entanglement, with Gundrum going for a heel hook and Kelly soon having to focus her energy entirely on defending. Kelly managed to break Gundrum’s grip, and Gundrum came up and tried to pass before the two found themselves in another brief leg entanglement, though neither was able to submit the other before regulation ended.

Overtime began with Kelly on Gundrum’s back, aggressively going for Gundrum’s neck, but Gundrum was able to roll out. When Gundrum’s turn came to be on Kelly’s back, she immediately locked in a body triangle. Kelly kept a barrier between her throat and Gundrum’s arm, fighting to get her shoulders to the mat. The clock ran out, and the competitors moved to the second round of overtime with Kelly again on Gundrum’s back.

Kelly threw on a body triangle, though Gundrum was able to manage Kelly’s bottom leg with her own leg. Inch by inch, Gundrum was able to rotate and get her shoulders to the mat, escaping the position and choosing to attack the arm for her turn as the attacker. Gundrum prevented Kelly from turning toward her by blocking the nearside leg, then fully extended Kelly’s arm. It looked like it might’ve been the end of the match, but Kelly rolled through and managed to pull her arm out to escape.

Kelly resumed her familiar position on Gundrum’s back for the third round of OT, keeping both hooks in, but Gundrum was able to quickly rotate and escape the position. For Gundrum’s turn on offense, she chose to again take Kelly’s arm, though struggled more to break Kelly’s defensive grip. Gundrum managed to extend the arm, but Kelly rotated and defended with a foot on Gundrum’s face. Kelly managed to defend until the clock ran out, and though Gundrum was unable to submit Kelly, the 10th Planet star took home the win via fastest escape time.


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