Double Buggy Choke – Derek Rayfield’s ‘Buggy Flip’ At 10P Qualifiers

“That’s never gonna happen again! That’s the first and only time you’re ever gonna see that… We’re going deep into buggy choke and we’re finding out that there are defenses to it- and you can flip it! Just like you can flip the truck, you can flip the kimura.. you can flip the buggy f—-in’ choke?!” – Eddie Bravo

The 19th 10th Planet Qualifiers featured some of 10P’s most deadly Middleweights battling to earn their spot in Eddie Bravo’s Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds – The Middleweights. Each round consists of one 10 minute round, with all submissions being legal. There are no points and no judges, with 3 OT rounds after regulation.

In the first match of the first round in the tournament, Derek Rayfield from 10P Las Vegas took on Rene Sousa of 10P Allentown and the pair ended up in an entanglement that had everyone in the room in awe, even Master Eddie himself.

With Rayfield in top side control, Sousa pulled his own leg into a Rubber Guard style to secure a Buggy Choke, an impressive and tricky submission that is becoming more and more popular. Rayfield responded by lifting Sousa off the mat and using a frame to create space and relieve pressure on his neck. In turn, Sousa posted on the mat and came on top, holding the choke for about 3 minutes without much movement from either guy. Rayfield gave a few thumbs up to assure the referee that he was okay. Then, Sousa based his right hand on the mat and opened an opportunity for Rayfield to slap on his own Buggy Choke in what seemed to be an instant. Sousa tapped about 6 seconds later and the place went crazy.

Rayfield talked about his submission after the match, “got caught in a Buggy Choke. Me and Henry Akins actually worked a lot of stuff from there. I knew as long as I got my weight backward, I was gonna be fine. 

The Buggy Choke requires you to be down and have your pressure down. So, as long as I was sitting back, I was okay. 

Then, [Mike Wilson] started walking me through trying to get a head and arm choke and moving that arm in front of his face. Then, I saw that he tried to pop [my arm] over, and I was like ’m— f—er, I have a Buggy Choke’. So, then I grabbed it and it was over. This is something I’ve never seen before. I just saw it was open and thought, ‘f— it, I’ll go for it.’ First time I’ve ever seen this counter, I just improvised.. We’re calling it the Buggy Flip.

The Buggy Choke has really changed the way that people play their top game. It should make you rethink staying in side control for too long, or even not going there at all if you’re playing against a guy like Rayfield. Now, you have to worry about being submitted while holding one of the safest and most dominant positions in grappling. @RubberGuardAssassins on Instagram is constantly posting highlights of this move being successfully executed in tournaments. 

In the final match of the qualifiers, Rayfield faced Ryan Aitken of 10P Atlanta, with Aitken ultimately taking the OT victory. The two faced off again in the Championship match at CJJW, which Aitken was also able to win in OT.

Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds – The Featherweights takes place on December 19 and streams on UFC Fight Pass.

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