Get Ready To Cringe While Watching This CrossFit “Self-Defense” Video

CrossFit is a popular strength and conditioning program all over the world, but it’s not designed with self-defense or fighting in mind. But don’t tell this instructor that.

This video shows a CrossFit “Be Your Own Bodyguard” instructor demonstrating a “kinetic chain” that supposedly shows how the movements you practice in CrossFit could benefit you in a self-defense situation. And hey, maybe they really can help you out… but probably not the way they’re being taught here.


  1. I’ve seen all those moves practiced in self defense systems. He’s just showing how the moves relate to the exercises they practice in CrossFit.

    • Ye we get he is trying to show how “functional” crossfit is , but the bio mechanics are all wrong. In fact they will lead to poor technique if anything. For example on the up elbow he says that it will improve your up elbow . However look at the hip movement between the two. With the clean ( in the video ), the dudes hips are moving away from the target with 0 rotation , when actually the hips are supposed to push forward with rotation of the hips.

      + He obviously has now idea how many Punches a boxer uses .

  2. You throw more power punches than a pro boxer.

    Smh. Walk past the psycho cult members yelling words of encouragement to “crush” this Karen WOD on my way to train, and get eye fucked by said cultists as I have my gi in my hands. All the while I’d love to invite them over for a challenge match haha.

  3. I’d love to see Crossfit realize the promise it once had as a diverse movement training system. While the parallells given in this video are reaching at best, if this is what it takes to get buy in from Crossfitters to practice moving in a non linear way outside of the saggital plane, I’m all for it. Greg Glassman, creator of Crossfit, back in the day, included the pirouette and flips as some of the many movements any person should master the basics of. I’m not going to hold my breath that there will be lots of shirtless Crossfitters pirouetting around any time soon, but martial arts might be macho enough to get them out of their “boxes” so to speak.

  4. The coach in this video is an idiot for coaching this and needs to fight a master of the sport to see that 0% of his knowledge is fact. And for the creators of this concept for Crossfit should be fired and also get smashed. Complete Ignorance

  5. Just taking advantage of the classes lack of knowledge and exploiting his own lack of knowledge to make more money from them and show them how to hurt themselves or someone else , very little practical self defence being taught there .

  6. Irresponsible teaching to people that are indoctrinated into a fitness regime that has zero to do with anything self defence related. His complete lack of knowledge, which he freely admits to should’ve been where this comparison ended.. in reality he is potentially creating dangerous and false leading self confidence in volitile situations, as these mislead people now think they don’t need to know self defence in a combative situation because they CrossFit. He’s as bad as a fake black belt..


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