Giants Beware: Lachlan Giles Has Shared One Of His Favorite Entries To Grab Heel Hooks

If you have somehow managed to avoid the internet and anything related to jiu-jitsu since ADCC, let me get you caught up: Lachlan Giles is a deadly 77kg Australian animal who entered the absolute division at ADCC and subsequently broke the grappling world (and almost a few people’s leg parts) when he submitted three opponents who were in the 99kg or +99kg divisions. He now has god status in the jiu-jitsu industry, but still bestows gifts upon us mere mortals in the form of free technique videos even though he also has a lot of cool DVDs for sale.

In this clip, Giles explains his preferences for the outside sankaku position when hunting for heel hooks — a position sometimes considered inferior to the inside sankaku position by other top grapplers. Check out why the Giant Slayer prefers this entry instead, and set your own sights on the absolute division at your next competition.


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