The Gift Wrap Mount

The “gift wrap” or “twisting arm control” is not often seen in tournament jiu-jitsu, but it is a potent weapon in the old-school Brazilian Vale Tudo (“anything goes” in Portuguese) and self-defense applications.

It is a near perfect example of the philosophy of jiu-jitsu, which is to use minimal force to control and submit and opponent, all while keeping yourself safe from strikes.

BJJ legend Rickson Gracie was especially proficient at this technique, using it in his Vale Tudo fights in Japan, notably in his final fight against Masakatsu Funaki.

This technique is great for controlling an opponent in a street situation where you must restrain someone until the police arrive.

Here are three videos showing you how to use the gift wrap.

Gracie Insider – Twisting Arm Control

This video shows the basics of how to get into the position and control your opponent.

Henry Akins-Back take from gift wrap

This has become my favorite way to take the back from mount.

Rickson Gracie vs Masakatsu Funaki in Colosseum 2000

Here’s Rickson Gracie in his final MMA fight using this basic technique to submit the Japanese Pancrase star.

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