Grip The Gi To Pull The Submission Out of Deep Half

There’s something kind of mesmerizing about the marriage of hip-hop and pop-up analysis in YouTuber Ayrshire Grappler’s BJJ breakdown videos. Since we already dove into the Deep Half Guard guide posted by Keenan Cornelius this week, Ayrshire’s newest tutorial on using the lapel to transition to back take is a nice companion piece.

One thing to keep in mind is making sure you’ve really secured your grip on that lapel before you pop up. In the demo you pull out from under the opponent and then grab the lapel, but done at speed in live sparring chances are your partner’s going to scoot away if you’re not hanging onto something during the transition. Grabbing the belt to help pull yourself out and up on the way to the lapel grip works too, whatever you gotta do to maintain position.



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