Having Trouble Getting The Underhook In Deep Half? Tom DeBlass Shows What You’re Doing Wrong

Are you having trouble getting the underhook in deep half guard? If you’re anything like me, then yes, yes, and triple yes!

That’s why I’m so glad Tom DeBlass showed this simple way to get the underhook in deep half guard position. It’s pretty much guaranteed to work even if your opponent sprawls.

Try it out the next time you roll!

Having trouble getting under your partner? Here is a great way to enter deep half guard. Most people do not attack the near side leg first. Remember, we are using each limb of our parter as grips to climb into the perfect position. It all starts with using our top leg to pull his near side ankle away from his body. (I end with the waitor sweep!) Watch and share!!!

Posted by Tom DeBlass on Monday, May 7, 2018


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