Here’s Why Bernardo Faria Thinks You Need To Work More On Guard Than On Passing

What should students spend more of their time practicing: passing or guard?

Ideally we would want to spend as much time as we can on both; but if we can’t, what should we do?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Bernardo Faria tackles this question in his latest video. He believes students should work more on guard. His reasoning is simple: no matter how good your passing skills are, you are going to get swept. After you get swept, you’re going to have to work your guard. If you don’t have good guard, you’re going to get passed.

“But what if I have lousy passing skills?” you might be asking. “Won’t I just get swept?”

Yes, you will, according to Professor Faria. But you’ll have great guard skills, and you’ll be able to sweep your opponent.

This is not to say Professor Bernardo thinks you should just ignore passing. Of course you will want to develop a well-rounded jiu-jitsu game.

However, if you have to dedicate a little more time to one versus the other, dedicate more time to your guard game.

What do you all think of Bernardo Faria’s advice?


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