High School Bully Plays Stupid Games, Wins Asphalt Massage

It’s an unspoken rule that the first guy to take his shirt off at the top of the fight is going to lose, but apparently that’s not on the curriculum at one Oahu, Hawaii, high school yet. 

According to the latest Gracie Breakdown, 7th grader Xavier Pa-Jarvis had been getting bullied by a much older student, an unnamed 16-year-old, for several weeks with no intervention from the school. While Xavier’s parents don’t condone violence, they had fortunately already enrolled their son at Central Oahu Jiu-Jitsu Academy. So when the teen bully rolled up on Xavier, shirt off and provoking with leg kicks, Pa-Jarvis knew what to do–hit him with a double leg and move into mount. 

The bully’s “friends” broke up Xavier’s rear-naked choke and had to intervene for the rest of the rest of the schoolyard shaming, given Pa-Jarvis’ attacker didn’t have much more to offer beyond the Chippendales shirt move and a few half-hearted strikes after nearly being choked unconscious by a 12-year-old in public. 


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