Hips And Knees Hurting After Training BJJ? Try These Exercises

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Some of the guard positions that we use in BJJ can stress our hips and knees and cause pain. This is a common problem for anyone who has been around the mats for a while.

So what can we do to prevent and help mitigate that pain?

Physiotherapist and BJJ blue belt Christine has two methods that will be very helpful to BJJ players. A few minutes of preventative maintenance can help alleviate knee and hip pain.

Here are two of them.

The Sleeper Stretch

Foam Rollers

If you’re having lateral (aka outside) knee pain with positions such as De La Riva or triangles, one culprit can be tightness in your glutes, lateral quad, peroneals, and groin muscles. These muscles all contribute to the knee varus angle and externally rotated hip position required for these motions, so restrictions in their tissue mobility can cause the above positions to be painful. . Foam rolling theoretically decreases the neurological tone of the muscles, which can thereby lead to increased tissue mobility. . Therefore, I recommend to foam roll each of the recommended muscles for 30 seconds each before your dynamic warm-up! . I have found foam rolling to be helpful for the pain, but we need to add dynamic strength and flexibility to maintain any range of motion gains, so I will show you some stretches in my next video! . #rehabontap #peakhealthcalgary #yycphysio #yycfitness #yycbjj #foamrolling #kneepain #kneehealth #bjj #jiujitsu #grappling #triangles #delariva #rubberguard #guardpassing #foamrollmehome

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