Horrific Brawl At Disneyland Finally Ends Thanks To A Choke From A Bystander

Fighting in the street is frowned upon, but starting a full-on brawl in the middle of Disneyland is way, way worse.

That’s exactly what appears to have happened in a video shared the other day that has since gone viral. In the clip, a fight breaks out and quickly escalates, with multiple people from both sides getting involved. But as the dust begins to settle, one man continues to be particularly aggressive, and when he hears that one woman (who seems to be on his “side” until this point) hit his mother in the scuffle (which appeared to be accidental), he begins hitting her and pulling her up by her hair.

At this point, bystanders are starting to step in to try to break up the fight and bring the children to safety, and a group of men grab the aggressor to pull him away from his victim. Then, we see a man with a red backpack get an arm around the attacker’s neck, sinking in what seems to be a rear naked choke and only letting go once the guy goes out.

The choker only sticks around for a few moments afterward, making sure everything is under control before disappearing back into the crowd. But if there were any question as to whether or not his submission really worked, just listen to his victim shouting, “Who choked me out?! Who choked me out?!” once he realizes what happened.

Watch the video for yourself below:


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