How Brian Kelleher Pulled Off The Arm-In Guillotine For The Win At UFC 246

The arm-in guillotine sometimes gets a mixed reception among jiu-jitsu practitioners. Some believe that the submission is just as effective as (if not more effective than) the traditional guillotine choke, while others swear that the submission only works on people who have no idea how to defend against it.

If you needed any proof that this submission can be used at the highest level of martial arts combat, you were hopefully watching UFC 246 when Brian Kelleher used the arm-in guillotine to submit Ode Osbourne in the very first round of their fight. In this video, Invisible Jiu-Jitsu‘s David Morcegao breaks down this submission to demonstrate how Kelleher pulled it off in the cage… and how you can, too!


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