How Does Your Speed Compare To Mikael Yahaya, “The Bollywood Boulder?”

Lachlan Giles protege and Kasai alumnus Mikael Yahaya isn’t as well known a name as, say, Kaynan Duarte or Nicky Ryan, but his highlight reel shows why he’s one of the best currently rolling to the top of the international competitors list. The Pan-Pacific champ is a training partner of Craig Jones and staffer at Absolute MMA, and Christ on a cracker he is fast.

Also, he posts things like this on his social media. Points for style, Mikael:

Matches from down under tend to get less media spread than highlights from American and Euro competitions do, so if you’re an EST-based grappler who isn’t familiar with “The Bollywood Boulder,” or if you’re a fan of super-kinetic spider monkey assaults, this is a genuinely entertaining highlight reel worth examining:


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