How To Make Your Straight Ankle Locks As Terrifying As Dean Lister’s

If you know anything at all about Dean Lister, it’s probably that 1. he looks like he could snap the average human in half with his bare hands and 2. he’s, like, really good at lower-body submissions.

Filmmaker Stuart Cooper has done the grappling world a big favor by releasing a technique video that shows Lister himself demonstrating how to execute a perfect straight ankle lock from 50/50. This is a great opportunity to learn from the legend himself, so make sure you pay close attention to all the details!

Dean Lister – Straight Ankle Lock from 50/50

Check out the details on this simple but effective Straight Ankle lock from 50/50 guard. Taught by non other than the OG of Leg locks Dean Lister. This was filmed at Enigma Jiujitsu in Blackpool, England right after Dean won ADCC 2011. That year Dean finished both Joao Assis and the great Rodolfo Vieria with Heel Hooks, one from 50/50 and the other from the 4/11 or the Saddle.

Posted by Stuart Cooper Films on Thursday, October 31, 2019


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