Improve Your Half-Guard Skills With Professor Adem Redzovic’s Free Masterclass

Attacking the half-guard as an offensive position in jiu-jitsu is a great paradox. We are told that in order to pass guard from full guard, we are wise to advance to half-guard as this cuts our opponent effectively in half.

As Adem Redzovic demonstrates in this mastery class taught at Clark Gracie’s gym in San Diego, certain concepts play a role in tilting the scales in your advantage. Understanding the knee twist pressure better known as the “coyote” plays a key role in initiating offense. Breaking down the mechanics of the whizzer allows us to deal with it in a variety of ways. Being aware of your opponent’s base and where their weight is shifted grants us an opening to potentially score a strong underhook and/or get underneath them.

These details and many more are looked at in-depth below:


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