Injured or Overly Stiff? Flow To Get Back To The Mats Faster

Functional movement is a tool utilized by major athletes from from Conor McGregor (alongside specialists like Ido Portal) to the NFL (who keep team yoga trainers on staff) to both prevent and heal injuries associated with regular training. Whether you’re rehabbing an existing injury, or trying to prevent one in a body that’s aching all the time, doing slow, focused, and lengthening movements which take the body through a full range of motion is essential recovery.

If you’re someone who hates yoga, or genuinely doesn’t have time for namaste moments and jiu-jitsu, Naturaletics has this crazy effective, 100% free flow you can do at home if you’re rehabbing. (Naturaletics, a collective of coaches which focuses on movement with a primal slant, is a favorite among breakers, gymnasts, parkour runners, and surfers. It’s an obvious fit for folks who like to roll around wrestling like primates.) If you’re not working through injury, integrating this as a warmup before training or as a supplement on conditioning days will build strength and stability while helping to lengthen rigid areas in your body that are more likely to tear while sparring.

Pro Tip: Breathe a lot, and breathe as long and slow as you can. This isn’t a strength challenge or cardio flow. If you’re huffing and puffing, slow it down and flow.



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