John Danaher Breaks Down The Gospel According to Gordon Ryan’s Guillotine Game

Whether you spend your weekends in religious ecstasy or are a godless hedonist, we can all agree there’s something priestly about they way leg lock deity John Danaher discusses…well, basically everything, but especially BJJ. And in this particular sermon Danaher breaks down Gordon Ryan‘s 2017 ADCC gold medal win over Keenan Cornelius in exacting detail.

The discussion meanders a bit in the beginning into why Danaher’s team focuses on the front headlock so much, but around the 8-minute mark you’ll hear one of the better explanations out there on how Gordon neutralized the rarely-defeated Cornelius, the essential role of head control and position in standing game, and how you can graduate from spastic hand fighting to effective submission by guillotine.


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