Keenan Cornelius’ Mantis Guard To Waiter Sweep

According to Andre Galvao black belt Keenan Cornelius, it can be hard to sweep someone in no-gi without using wrestling. Keenan’s mantis guard to waiter sweep is one of the exceptions.

Check it out below.

Mantis Guard ➡️ Waiter Sweep. In No-Gi it can be very difficult to sweep your opponent without using wrestling. This technique is one of the few exceptions.-Check out more techniques like this at (@keenanonline)-#keenanonline #keenancornelius #bjj #bjjtechnique #bjjlifestyle #jiujitsulifestyle #jiujitsu #bjjvideos #adcc #ibjjf

Posted by Keenan Cornelius on Wednesday, October 25, 2017


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