In Just Seconds, This Technique Will Turn The Tables On An Opponent Who Tries To Kneebar You

If you like leg locks as long as someone’s not doing one to you, then you’re going to love this handy (leggy?) little trick.

In this video, black belt professor Kenny Kim of Kenny Kim BJJ in Marietta, Georgia shows us a quick and easy transition from a kneebar defense to a straight ankle lock. It’s one of those techniques that not many people would ever think to do, but once you see it play out, it makes so much sense.

As leglock-lovers know all too well, the risk of being submitted while you’re focusing on your opponent’s lower half is very real. This technique capitalizes on it, turning a bad situation for you into a bad situation for your opponent. There’s always something so satisfying about turning a great defense into a solid offense, and this submission will help you get there.

It’s always a good plan to have the element of surprise on your side. Give this sneaky technique a try for yourself, and see if you can pull it off the next time someone tries to kneebar you.


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