Kesa Getame / Scarf Hold: A Series Of Attacks

Most of us use the conventional side control where you have an under hook and a cross face to control the head. This is a great position to both control the opponent and setup many submissions.

The “kesa gatame” – literally scarf hold translated from Japanese – is also a great variation to use. It is a powerful hold and widely used in judo competition, as one of the ways to win a match is by holding the opponent down on the mat for 25 seconds.

In BJJ and submission grappling rules, we can apply a number of submission attacks from the position. Let’s take a look at a few ideas for you to use from scarf hold.

Kesa Gatame Arm trap to Triangle

This is one of the best triangle variations for shorter legged BJJ guys.

Kesa Gatame to Keylock with Legs

This is the equivalent with a keylock with the legs.

Double Armbar from Renzo Gracie Academy

Professor Zed Chierighini transitions from conventional side control to kesa gatame to attack both of the opponent’s arms.

Body Crush

How to apply your weight and feel like 500lbs. on top of your poor opponent.

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