Lateral Drop Your Opponent Like You’re Daniel Cormier

Want to drop it like you’re a UFC champion? You probably can’t, but here’s a way to at least get better at it, especially if your little inside trip move doesn’t land the way you’d hoped.

Like Cormier before his rise into MMA, coach John Laboranti is a wrestler, so takedowns are his speciality. It was Cormier’s falling of former opponent Devin Cole all the way back in 2011 that caught Lab’s eye.

This breakdown goes the extra mile as far as tutorials go, giving you five steps to cover your entrance and overhook placement, countering your opponent’s movements, where your feet need to be in order to effectively “throw” your opponent, and where to look so your back arching doesn’t go horribly and ineffectively wrong.

Try it out on someone you love, or hate:


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