Learn Lucas Lepri’s Half Guard Pass To Choke Technique

Lucas Lepri has a delightfully deadly technique video out, a quick “how to pass and make your partner miserable, fast” instructional.

Preying on your partner’s instinct to escape, step over their body as they turn into with your knee keeping a tight grip on their lapel as you do. Roll them into the backtake and put your hooks in without transitioning into a full bodylock–you’ll need to crawl up the body shortly. At the same time you’ll want to get control in the position by trapping their arm with your hand that isn’t on their lapel, then release the trapped arm to grab the opposite lapel tight underneath the chin. (Your left hand should be on their right lapel across the chest, and your right hand should be on their left lapel by their shoulder with your arm across their throat.) Shimmy up if you need to, lock their right shoulder in place with your hamstring, and its lights out.



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