Learn What Knee Reaping Is So You Don’t Get Disqualified In An IBJJF Tournament

If you’re new-ish to jiu-jitsu and have been introduced to straight ankle locks and 50/50, you’ve probably heard your coach warn you against knee reaping (or simply “reaping”). Knee reaps are illegal in IBJJF competitions and other tournaments with similar rulesets, and you can get DQ’d if you do it, even if it’s just an accident. In other rulesets, reaping the knee can actually be beneficial and help you land submissions on your opponent.

In this video, Because Jitsu’s Drew Weatherhead explains what knee reaping is. If you’re a newbie to BJJ or just aren’t sure where the line between reaping and not-reaping is drawn, listen to what he says so you can make the conscious choice between to reap or not to reap.


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