Let Iceman Wim Hof Breathe Life Into Your Day

Photo Credit @iceman_hof, Instagram

You already recognize Wim Hof from his appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience, Vice News, and the fight camps of guys like Alistair Overeem. The Dutch yogi, daredevil, and pranic breathing guru has built up a massive following in the past few years, especially among martial artists looking to optimize their performance on and off the mats.

Deep breathing oxygenates the blood and brain, balances pH levels in the body, regulates feel good hormones like dopamine and serotonin, tones the vagus nerve, and can assist in muscle recovery/healing after a long weekend of open mat smashing. (Alternatively: It can also help your body process the congealed bowling ball of empty calories consumed during the average Sunday football binge by soothing jacked up digestion.)

“No hocus pocus. Just the magic of the physiology inside,” says Wim.

If you’re not already familiar with it, start the week off right by letting Wim himself guide you through his “Wim Hof Method.” A variation on yogic breathing techniques utilized for centuries (notably by the Gracie family), it’s 10 minutes of self care that requires almost no effort and yields only positive results. It’s especially effective right before or after hitting the gym to train.


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